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Advance Bearing Manufacturers in China

In 1998, we started as bearing manufacturers in China. It is a high-tech company that combines design, manufacture, sales, and professional bearing research and development. In addition to big cylindrical and tapered roller bearings for rolling mills, we also manufacture thin-section bearings, slewing bearings, high-precision bearings, ball bearings, crossed roller bearings, etc. We, as China bearing suppliers, take great satisfaction in being a top producer of top-notch bearings or coupling suppliers near me for numerous sectors.

We, as bearing manufacturers in China, have decades of bearing production experience and a dedication to innovation. Thus, we have built a solid reputation for providing dependable and effective solutions to satisfy the individual needs of our clients. However, we as China bearing suppliers, provide great performance and a long lifespan. Thus, our wide selection of ball bearings is perfect for applications needing high precision and minimal friction.

Top China Bearing Suppliers and Manufacturers

As bearing manufacturers in China, our roller bearings are engineered for maximum effectiveness and extended service life and are designed to handle strong radial and axial stresses. However, we as China bearing suppliers, provide thrust bearings, which are precisely constructed to sustain axial loads. Thereby, we guarantee trouble-free operation and less wear in demanding applications.

We, as China’s advanced bearing manufacturers, produce spherical bearings that are perfect for applications requiring alignment modifications. However, they can accommodate shaft deflection and misalignment. Therefore, as China bearing suppliers, these components include housings and bearings. They are simple to install and offer excellent defiance against contaminants and hard conditions.


  • Can I order special bearings to meet my exact needs?

    To design and produce bearings that properly fit your requirements, our technical team will work directly with you.

  • Are your bearings up to par with global standards?

    All of our bearings are produced by worldwide quality standards, such as ISO, ANSI, and ABMA.

  • What is your bearings’ normal lead time?

    Depending on the type, amount, and level of customization, the wait time for our bearings can change.